Centre in Indigenous Knowledge Systems


Our Work

CIKS promotes a paradigm shift in knowledge production, utilization and sharing.  Advancing the democracy of knowledge systems in the global knowledge economy.  Integrating theory and practice to mitigate the disjuncture between learning and living.

IKS is community–based

IKS exists within local communities and not in academic and research institutions.  IK-holders and practitioners are the custodians of IKS. This implies that in the research process they need to be recognized as active participants and not as objects of the research process

Knowledge is culturally and place-based

There is no universal reality or value free science. This calls for a paradigm shift based on the realization that we are living in a polyepistemic world, where knowledge systems are complementary rather than competitive

Combining theory and practice

The CIKS drive to excellence and relevance, through working with IK holders and practitioners, facilitates a paradigm shift in knowledge production, innovation and sharing, by breaking down barriers between academia, industry, business, government and local communities

Affirmation of Indigenous Knowledge

While the CIKS recognises the need for external validation of IKS through the interface with other knowledge systems, it puts emphasis on the affirmation of the long experiences of IK holders, practitioner and local communities in the use of IK-based social practices

The place-based nature of Indigenous Knowledge

Including its spiritual nature, brings a new dimension of science and research as embedded in IK social practices. This acknowledges the role of IK-holders and practitioners as knowledge producers on their own merit

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